Tired of Suffering?Do you see Your Condition or Symptoms on this List?
“Incurable” Diseases Can NOW Be Easily Healed by Simply Restoring ACCURATE Immune System Response!
Tired of Suffering?
Do you see Your Condition or Symptoms on this List?
“Incurable” Diseases Can NOW Be Easily Healed by Simply Restoring ACCURATE Immune System Response!

World leaders in Natural Healing reveal that over 100 Autoimmune & Degenerative diseases classified by Big Pharma as "incurable"
are actually very easily Healed by Natural Means!

The Anti-Aging, Disease Prevention, and Recovery Breakthrough of Our Lifetime!​

By Dr. Ronald P. Drucker & Dr. Sergey Sorin M.D.

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“I will walk you through until you have healed, and I will never send you a bill.” 

– Dr. Sergey Sorin M.D., Medical Director of The Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute

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Dr. Drucker and I know how to heal Chronic Degenerative Autoimmune Conditions. There is no reason to continue to suffer and deteriorate. – Dr. Sergey Sorin, M.D.

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Against the Will of the Pharmaceutical Drug and Traditional Medical Establishment, the Answer is About to Be Revealed to You!

The answer has been clouded and concealed from you in the name of POWER, PROFIT & CONTROL! 
A Code of anti-aging, healing, and prevention has been attempting to operate efficiently within your body from the time you were in the womb – It is THE CODE OF LIFE.
It is an undisputed scientific fact that disease prevention, health, healing, beauty and anti-aging all begin at the cellular level. 
The health of your cells dictates the health of your body and your mind.
Our cells are designed to rejuvenate and to heal themselves of virtually ANYTHING. They are metaphorically immortal and crying out for the living fuel of rejuvenation from the creator, not for the synthetic drugs marketed to us by those who would prefer to see us live in ongoing illness and disease to sell more pharmaceuticals.
Humankind already possesses the knowledge for humans to live a long, healthy, disease-free existence. We need not wait until the future. The living fuel of rejuvenation is already known!

What People Are Saying About
Code of Life & Dr. Ronald Drucker

What People Are Saying About Code of Life & Dr. Ronald Drucker

Melanie R.

Brilliant! This author is so thorough! Not only does he open your eyes to the truth but really gets to the foundation of these realities. I feel like every parent should incorporate this knowledge into the upbringing of their children. I wish I had this book when my son was little, but it’s never too late to teach the ones you love, just a little easier when they are little ones! Share this important information with everyone you love. I’ve sent the book to two loved ones already. Thank you for such an enlightening book! It has really changed the way I see things and the way I live my life, in a very good way!


Great book, full of very useful knowledge. I really enjoyed how it stressed the importance of the foods we consume. Having worked in the medical field as an RN this book resonated with me because the healthcare system is so flawed in its approach, as the author of this book puts it “It’s not health care, it’s disease care” which is true, the healthcare field focuses too much on symptom management and not on prevention. As a whole this is a fantastic book, well written and should be in everyone who cares about their health’s bookshelf.

Kimberly Casa

The Code of Life re-affirmed everything I’ve been thinking about medical doctors and Big Pharma. Americans are so brainwashed in believing in the medical system. Thank god my eyes have been opened. If not for the internet most people would never know this information. It’s just not right what is being withheld from people.

Bettie Cravens

I spoke to Dr. Drucker this morning and he is a good listener and advisor! I think highly of him! Thanks again Dr. Drucker for taking my call! As I promised I will let you know how my improvement is in a few weeks time! God bless!

Lillian Soto

I spoke to Dr Ronald P. Drucker and I have to tell you that in less than ten minutes he was more helpful than any other Doctor that I went to. And I have been in so many that I lost count. I advise you my friends to call him ASAP. He really is good and I have a feeling that he can help us.

Lillian Soto

Dr. Drucker called me personally and talked for quite a long time about a question I presented him and gave me some awesome advice on information to look into and so much more!!! Give him a chance because he truly wants to help and make a difference!!!!

Jan Heeter

It is legit ! I have spoken to Dr. Druker. A wonderful man.! I don’t think he would be putting his number out there if it wasn’t legit. You have to take the first step. Pick up the phone.

Linda Dixson

I am Living proof of This working also for me. I will never live without it ever !!

Wendi Rogers Strickland

I received the news today that my thyroid is normal thank you Dr. Drucker! Needless to say I am thrilled! This works!!!!!

Rose Crispino Ogden

This Dr is brilliant, I’ve personally spoken to him.

Carolyne Shapiro

I spoke with him – he is a good guy and he knows his stuff for sure and his book is also very good – read it.

Carolyn Stewart

I am totally convinced of natural ways of curing the body. Thanks Dr. Drucker, and keep up the good work.

Meet The Doctors Behind The Book

Meet The Doctors Behind The Book

Dr. Sergey Sorin M.D.
Medical Director of The Shealy Sorin Wellness Institute

“After learning the immune modulator healing process, and subsequent years of healing success with patients, I wanted to join Dr. Drucker in co-writing the third addition of The Code of Life. We have addressed the current health crisis and updated our experiences and statistics. We hope to save many lives in the years to come.”

Dr. Sorin is currently currently CEO and Medical Director of the world famous Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, the Worlds’ Premier Holistic Clinic continuing the work of C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D, developer of TENS, spinal cord stimulation, Biogenics, and Transcutaneous Acupuncture among other health innovations.

Dr.Sorin is a Board Certified Physician with extensive experience in Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He has served as Medical Director at the Bath, NY VA Hospital as well as several other organizations including Physician Weight Loss and Wellness Center, Tri-State Surgical Weight Loss Practice and Delphi/Workfit Healthcare.

Dr. Sergey Sorin M.D.

I teach patients and practitioners how to restore normal, accurate immune function thus eliminating the Autoimmune attack on the organs and tissues of the body.

My Philosophy from Experience: Eliminate the root-cause, Autoimmunity, and eliminate 85% of the diseases (conditions) and symptoms currently plaguing mankind.

If you receive a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition or are experiencing symptoms which are frequently associated with autoimmunity, you must take action and address the root cause, for in the overwhelming majority of cases, the “medical system” will not.

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker, B.S. (M.T.A.S.C.P.),
D.C. Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, Approved by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

What People Are Saying About
Code of Life & Dr. Ronald Drucker

What People Are Saying About Code of Life & Dr. Ronald Drucker

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